B22 40W Edison Filament Bulb 220v-240v
B22 40W Edison Filament Bulb 220v-240v

B22 40W Edison Filament Bulb 220v-240v

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These filament lamps are a stunning piece of craftsmanship! Edison has a warm, intense glow and is an elegant highlight in any decoration – both classical and modern.
has an amazing light and rated at 40W is not
dazzlingly bright to look at. The filament pattern is clearly visible even without a dimmer.

The clear bulb has a diameter of 12.5cm and the hand wound filament, more than two metres
in length, is wound in the fantastic multi strand squirrel cage pattern.

40W, 240v
Fully Dimmable
3000hr rated life
120 lumens

Vintage-Electrical specialise in unique and industrial lighting. Handcrafted lamps and bespoke designs.

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